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Hockey Mental Performance Coach

For over a decade Olympic and NHL Mental Performance Coach Isabelle Hampton-Stone, M.Sc. has helped athletes, hockey parents, coaches and players of all ages and ability, identify and address the emotional triggers that are causing overwhelm, self-doubt, stress, and anxiety, and impacting a players confidence and performance.

As a result of her one-to-once sports psychology and mental performance coaching, she developed powerful tools and programs to help sports professionals transform by providing stronger, kinder, more innovative, drug free, mental health strategies to transcend the challenges that are holding them back.

Isabelle’s Hockey Confidence tools and programs help hockey players access powerful levels of Olympic and NHL mental performance – freeing them to pursue a life of untapped and unprecedented levels of success and happiness.

In 2016, Isabelle’s book Hockey Confidence was published and became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, and regularly features in the top 10 of the Sports Psychology book category.

Many NHL players, including 5-Time Stanley Cup Champion Mark Recchi and Olympian Corey Hirsch publicly support the book.

The Vision

Isabelle is most proud of the mental health role her performance training and tools have played, as evidenced by the emails and letters she receives from players, coaches and parents of young hockey players who share how it has “opened the conversation” about mental health through the medium of hockey. 

She knew her work had powerfully impacted a traditionally male-dominated world of hockey when an NHL agent introduced her as the “NHL’s Secret Weapon.”

Finally, Isabelle had come to be recognized as a leader in this elite sporting arena.

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Don't let stress and self-limiting beliefs hold you back. Use these sports psychology tools and programs to access powerful levels of mental performance freeing you to pursue a life of untapped and unprecedented levels of success.

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